Mi Tonala Tequila Shots Made Of Clay and Glass Decorated By Hand


Set of tequila shots decorated with dedicated stripes and lines, where can be seen those beautiful details representing each one of this techniques.

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Our crafts are handmade and hand painted for this reason shape, color and size might change one from another.

Magnificent set of seven tequila shots, handmade under numerous traditional techniques of Tonalá, such as Burnished Clay, Betus Clay, Cinnamon Pottery, Flag Clay, Petatillo Pottery, High temperature and Blown glass. This set of seven pieces is an example of the most ancient but amazing techniques that Tonala has in their legendary history, each piece is made by the hands of the recognized craftmaster, Fernando Jimón. finely decorated and detailed so you can appreciate the beauty in every technique but also what it stands for. 

Craftmaster: Fernando Jimon


  • Shot: 0.275 lb
  • Total: 1.100 lbs

Size: 1,96 “D x 1,37” W x 3,54 “H In

Capacity: 40 ml / 1.5 Oz.


  • Burnished Clay
  • Betus Clay,
  • Cinnamon Pottery
  • Flag Clay
  • Petatillo Pottery
  • High Temperature
  • Recycled blown glass

Color: Multicolor


Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 1.97 × 1.38 × 3.54 in


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