Glasses “Texiuitl” S6



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Magnificent set of Blown Glass Glasses with Confeti aqua and blue made by master blowers from Tonal√°, Jalisco. The Set of six pieces. Each glass is unique in that it features small variations in the bubble patterns in the glass. This set of glasses is perfect for everyday use.


Artisan: N/A


  • Single Glass: 0.869 lb
  • Total weight: 5.214 lb

Dimension: 3.14″D x 3.14″W x 5.11″H

Capacity: 355 ml / 12 Oz.

Material: Recycled Blown glass

Color: Confeti Aqua and Blue

Weight 5.082 lbs
Dimensions 3.14 × 3.14 × 5.11 in


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