Set Of Six Blown Glass Glasses White and Blue


Set of six blown glass glasses white and blue

Our crafts are handmade and hand painted for this reason shape, color and size might change one from another.

Magnificent set of blown glass glasses with colorful confetti design on white and blue, made by the blown glass masters from Tonala, Jalisco.
The complete set contains six amazing pieces.
Each glass is unique due to te variation on the patterns of the bubbles in the glass. Perfect for Daily use!

  • Weight: Total: 5.17 lbs

Per glass: 0.869 lbs

  • Size: 5.11” x 3.14” x 3.14”
  • Technique: Blown glass
  • Color: White/Blue Cobalt
  • Capacity: 16.5 oz
  • Craftmaster: N/A


Weight 5.17 lbs
Dimensions 5.11 × 3.14 × 3.14 in